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    • functions: 3-level vacuum sealing, 3-level sealing, 3-level vacuum sealing in a container, Chef function to perform marinating, maturation, cold infusion and extraction of essential oils
    • digital Touch Control programmer
    • motor: oil pump
    • features: cover in tempered glass, steel bowl interior, push-pull opening
    • equipment: adapter for containers, kit of 50 food storage bags and 50 bags for cooking food, telescopic rails
    • maximum absorbed power: 0.24 kW


SKU: BZ1000.VDR.02
  • Touch Control vacuum drawer. With vacuum packing, the extraordinary double task of preserving food for a long time and avoiding waste is achieved. Food storage takes place inside two types of bags, those that only guarantee conservation and those that are also suitable for steam cooking or in a bain-marie. The cooking bags support different cooking temperatures depending on the type of food and the desired cooking for a taste and quality experience of food never experienced before.

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