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Amara Trading Center - ATC was founded in 1977 by the late Ahmad Mustafa Amara and was registered in Jordan under the name ELTAMO as a general trading company. In 1980, the company transformed its business to tackle the emerging need in the Jordanian furniture manufacturing industry by specializing in furniture fittings and hardware. The company started striking partnership with the pioneering companies around Europe to meet the local market demand for high quality furniture fittings and hardware. Today, ATC is the leading Jordanian company for Kitchen Systems, Washroom Systems, Furniture Fittings and Hardware and is continuing to expand its product range to venture into new projects by providing state-of-the art-solutions and products, without compromising high-end quality.

Mission Statement

To provide luxurious, simple, secure products and innovative solutions that cater to different customer needs and tastes.

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Vision Statement

To be a household name for furniture fittings and hardware, and to be a perfect fit in the Jordanian real estate industry.

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